Invisible to the World by Anjana Rao

Author: Anjana Rao

Read Time42Seconds

Day in, day out,

It tries to shout

“I can’t take it!”


But no one sees.


Living in solitude

With an apathetic attitude

To make itself a shell

Within a world full of people

Who could care


But no one sees.


Its tears flow

Down its face like rainfall

In front of those who know

It best of all


But no one sees.


Headphones blaring

Music tearing

Apart the sound

Of an unheard



But no one sees.


A sudden burst anger

When the dam finally breaks

A mask for all of those inner aches


But no one sees.


No one sees

Its cries

Its silence

Its sadness

Its frustration

Its anger


And so life will still go

On, in its inescapable flow


But still, no one sees

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